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Trafic Client


CTB Software Systems offers the bank's clients the TRAFIC/Client product. A friendly and easy to use financial application, containing all the necessary function for preparing and submitting transactions to and from the customer's banks.

TRAFIC/Client highlights

Using TRAFIC/Client the customer can prepare his payments orders and foreign trade requests passing through our sophisticated authorization modules and signatures requirements, submit the transaction to the preferred bank (choosing the bank can take place at a later stage, right before sending the order), and finally receive the bank's reply including copies of the payment orders sent by the bank (e.g. SWIFT messages).

All the transaction to all the banks are prepared in a single manner regardless of the target bank to process the transaction.

The process of preparing the transactions is secured by our authorization and security sub-systems which include approval and signature of each transaction by the customer authorized personnel. In addition each transaction id digitally signed using a Smart-Card and optionally encrypted before it is sent to the bank.

All the necessary encryption, digital signature and translation to EDI is fully transparent to the customer resulting in the system friendliness and ease of use.

Preparing the transactions is performed via panels designed with most sophisticated human engineering and developing tools. The system can be installed in a stand alone configuration or as a multi station system on the customer network.

TRAFIC/Client Data Management
Transactions Database

TRAFIC/Client maintains a transaction database which contains all the customer's transactions prepared so far. Using this database the customer can replicate existing transactions into new similar transaction without having to enter all the necessary data again. The system includes sophisticated search and retrieval functions from the transactions data base.

Parties Database

In addition the system includes the customer trading parties database, which contains information about the customer trading partners and their banks.

Audit file

Each activity for each transaction is recorded in our audit file from which the customer can trace the preparation and the users involved in each transaction.

TRFAIC/Client architecture

TRAFIC/Client External Interface

TRAFIC/Client provides the customer with the capability of importing and exporting data from other financial applications. These interfaces allow preparation of transaction in a separate application, transferring them to TRAFIC/Client (with or without editing) for verification, signature and submission to the target Bank. In addition, the system can forward the bank's response to the customer's financial application for further processing.

Financial Activities
  • Payment orders - local or foreign currency and Money Transfer.
  • Banks response processing.
  • Documentary collection-   Receipt of new and amended collections and   Payment order preparation for collections
  • Incoming funds -   Receipt of notification about incoming funds and export proceeds   Preparation of deposit orders   Receipt of deposit notification and credit notes.
  • Letter of Credit -   Request for issuance of L/C   L/C amendments and discrepancies handling   Receipt of notifications regarding L/C handling
  • Request for Marine Guarantees under L/C or Open Account
  • Receipt of account statements
  • Receipt of foreign currencies rates
  • Automatic Fax generation to the beneficiary with the payment details

Security Server Client