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CTB Software Systems is a privately owned software house centered in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Our company personnel is involved in International payments, Trade Finance and EDI software development since 1980. Some of our activities include developing a Trade Finance system for major Banks in Israel, as well as developing EDI translation software for a major software vendor.
Our latest product (STARS) consists of an expert system for receiving and analyzing incoming SWIFT and TELEX messages and routing them to the bank's applications.

STARS totally automates the flow of incoming financial messages between the SWIFT gateway and the bank's applications.

Our additional activities consist of development and maintenance of major financial EDI and Banking projects, concentrating mainly in connecting the Banks Trade Finance application to the Bank's customers computer via EDI standards.

In order to do so, we have developed software packages and tools which run on the Bank and customer site, and allows the Bank application to recognize and process customer requests automatically.

Our group consults to official Israeli committees for Trade Finance standardization and automation. (The IFTS Project).

We implemented our EDI solutions (TRAFIC/Server) in all the major banks in Israel currently totallying in 11 installations.

Our Implementation of the EDI gateway for the above Banks includes:
  • EDI Gateway for Trade Finance applications.
  • EDI translation.
  • Communication types support (VANs, File transfers etc..).
  • Message flow control.
  • Message to application automatic routing.
  • Incorporating the messages into the customer or Bank applications.
  • EDI message "Digital" signature and verification using Algorithmic Research CryprtoSafe Smart-Card (based on RSA and DES).

For the banks customers, we developed a home banking full Trade Finance, International and local payments application (TRAFIC/Client). Our solution supports exchange of EDI messages between importers and exporters, which do not have independent EDI services, and between any Bank which supports EDI standards. The system includes high human engineering data entry, ability to process Customer application data, authorization control, EDI mapping (both ways), data transmission security and more.

For several major banks in Israel, CTB is heavily involved in Trade Finance Systems development. Our services include consulting for the banks steering committees, System analysis, planning, coding, implementation and continuing consulting for system maintenance and add-on of new features.

CTB has developed sophisticated tools to secure all the transactions exchanged between the banks and their customers. These tools include the use of Smart-Cards for digital signatures, and "smart" transactions encryption.