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Sending commercial and financial data using EDI messages formats often requires special data security features and actions such as digital signature, encryption, etc. These services are not yet provided by the EDI standards and by the public networks in such a way that the message recipient can uniquely recognize the message originator, and be assured that no modifications were made to the message data by any external intervention.

TRAFIC/Security product is a product that answers the needs for securing commercial documents data sent via public networks using EDI international standards.

TRAFIC/Security System is a unique product which enables to secure EDI messages data by using digital signatures by which the sender is uniquely identified by the receiver. In addition, the signature is dependent on the message contents, so each data modification attempts subsequent to the message signing will cause failure of the signature verification process on the recipient side.

TRAFIC/Security works in conjunction with the several hardware products which implement the most advanced techniques of Cryptography (DES and RSA algorithms), and by using a Smart-Card device it ensures a most efficient data security level.

TRAFIC/Security can be incorporated into your EDI translation packages, performing the signature and verification of signatures transparently to the EDI process. The product includes the following major features:

1. Maintaining your trading partners keys and signature parameters.
2. Full audit report of all the security activities.
3. Manually and automatic signature and verification signature process, thus allowing
unattended operation with your EDI translation package.
4. Support of EDI national and International standards.
TRAFIC/Security is designed to work primarily on EDI documents, but it can be easily adapted to support any other kind of electronic data.

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