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TRAFIC/Server is a software package that enables Bank Host applications to send and receive messages electronically from the bank's customers. The Host application is connected to the TRAFIC/Server component, which controls the data transfer between the EDI gateway to the mainframe.

TRAFIC/Server provides the means to control the incoming and outgoing application files via control panels, and includes sophisticated control and alert notifications for any unusual event or malfunction.
TRAFIC/Server Components.
The various parts of TRAFIC/Server are described below. Their relationship is illustrated in the following figure:

Figure 1: TRAFIC/Server Components

The data received and sent via the EDI gateway is grouped into files residing in the Mainframe Inbox and Outbox sub-directories. A file in the sub-directory is a unit containing one or more messages. TRAFIC/Server supports multiple messages in one file. This feature allows you to control the size of the files to be uploaded and downloaded, giving you a method to fine-tune your system.

The Mainframe Inbox is a folder containing all the files which need to be uploaded to the mainframe. For each file, TRAFIC/Server maintains it's status as the file's extension.

The Mainframe Outbox is a folder containing all the flat files which were downloaded from the mainframe. For each file, TRAFIC/Server maintains it's status as the file's extension.

Upload/Download Interface
The Upload/Download Interface executes the Upload/Download utilities via special Upload and Download procedures tailored to the host type. The process is responsible to check the Upload/Download return codes, and update the file status accordingly.

Receipt Acknowledgments
Once a file is uploaded to the application, it's status is changed to "Uploaded". This status means that the file arrived successfully to the Host region. However, in order to ensure that the file was received and stored successfully by the application, TRAFIC/Server is notified with special "Receipt Acknowledgments" files.

The acknowledgment files are processed by the Receipt Acknowledgments process. This process sets the status of the acknowledged files in the Mainframe Inbox from "Uploaded" to "Confirmed".

User Interface
The TRAFIC/Server user interface consists of a set of panels, which enable you to control the flat files upload/download process. Via the panels you can perform operations such as TRAFIC /PC Setup, listing Inbox/Outbox files etc.

Alert notification and control
TRAFIC/Clients includes a sophisticated alert mechanism which detects any unusual activity or malfunction in the data flow. The alert notification can be routed to any central control system in the host site.

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